Catie Lutsey


I'm a physical therapist, wife and mommy by day and woodworker in my free time. I’ve been a lifelong nerd (I say as endearingly as possible), loving math, music and anything with pattern and have found a wonderful outlet in making mosaics with wood. I enjoy my time spent gathering ideas from nature, textiles and the urban world around me to create unique works of art for my home and yours. 

Instead of defining each panel's purpose as I've done in my own home, I've left them without leg structure or hanging hardware, open to any idea that you have in which they could be of use to add color and pattern to your space. Perhaps you'd like wall art, a piece to lean on a mantle, a drink tray or a tabletop? Anything can be. 

As a born and bred Wisconsinite, I migrated to Chicago for graduate school and fell in love with the city, hence the Wiscago in the title. Although I've created my home here in the Windy City, I find myself drawn to anything Wisconsin. I can be often found enjoying a brandy old fashioned with cubes of cheese all while wearing green and gold well outside football season. You betcha!

Follow @sweethomewiscago on Instagram to see what I'm working on next and to suggest new ideas! I'd love to collaborate with you to create something amazing. Click on "contact" and send me your creative thoughts! 

At the current time I am only taking commissions. My pieces can also be found through Etsy, Hangout Lighting and My Santuary Shop. 


Hangout Lighting

My Sanctuary Shop